Spanning from the trenches of the marble quarries with Michelangelo to the expanding frontiers of America, the legacy of the Ghiglieri name continues in the prodigious sculptor and painter, Laran Ghiglieri. Succeeding the notable careers of great grandfather Batista Ghiglieri, who carved the regal marble lions that herald the edifice of the New York stock exchange, followed by his grandfather’s colossal sculpture of a Franciscan priest, located in Bakersfield, California.

Most recently his prolific father, Lorenzo, who in the spirit of peace presented his holiness Pope John Paul II, the King of Spain, and former Russian President Mikhail Gorbachev with his Conception of Saint Frances of Assisi in bronze. Lorenzo’s Majestic Eagles have been presented to former Presidents of the United States, Ronald Reagan, George Bush Senior, and William Jefferson Clinton. These sculptures now adorn our nation’s White House. Later, under the apprenticeship of his father, Laran collaborated and coproduced hundreds of paintings and sculptures.

As a world class master sculptor himself, Laran Ghiglieri follows in his family’s tradition of quality and excellence through the visual arts. His spectacular sculptures range in theme from historical, sports, wildlife to patriotic. In his bright and endeavoring career, Laran Ghiglieri has his own “Reflections of America”, two eagles wrapped in the American flag, on permanent display, both in our nation,s House of Representatives and the Oregon Air National Guard. His unique and creative spirit does more than compliment his family’s legacy of skill and craftsmanship. Laran’s artwork captures a dramatic glimpse of life in a timeless pose where motion is implied, expression can be read, and motives understood.

Competition, pressure, skill, achievement and the pursuit of perfection directs Laran’s new series of works. Caught in their dynamic action of sport, Laran captures a moment of intensity as a golfer in mid swing looks for that perfect shot. Laran has cultivated his own following and has contributed too many spectacular moments in the United States, Japan, and South America. This includes some of the world’s largest bronze sculptures. One of which is a bronze eagle standing over 33 ft. tall and weighing 14 tons. Another is a heroic size elephant which is 19 ft. tall.

At an early age Laran developed an ability to sculpt with confidence and true accuracy, producing clay animation short films and illustrated children’s books. This started Laran on a journey where the destination didn’t seem as important as the path that takes him there. “Creating is a way for me to connect with the aspects of life that I believe in and respect”, says Laran. By the time he was 19 years old, his sculptures had already surpassed the $60,000.00 mark in terms of individual selling price. His sought after and timeless masterpieces will increase in value for the discerning collector and will remain in the hearts and minds of generations to come.

Laran’s work is showcased in galleries from Naples, Fl to Sisters, OR.

After more than a decade of motivated evolution, Masterpiece Investments, Inc. is committed to becoming the most effective and profitable fine art company in the United States. The living artists represented by Masterpiece Investments, Inc. draw inspiration from American and African wildlife, history, Bible scripture, the “Wild West” and modern Western European culture.

Sculptures are cast in limited edition using a variety of mediums, including bronze, silver and pure gold. A sculpture masterpiece may range in size from just three inches tall to monolithic heights of more than 40 feet. Masterpiece Investments, Inc. proudly offers a large collection of works from the renowned artist Lorenzo Ghiglieri, whose artwork encompasses many styles, themes, and historical periods.

Sorella Luna has worked over the last four years to find the best quality of ceramics and to build relationships with the manufacturers. We brings you the experience of these age-old and ancient techniques to the ceramics that we offer. Currently, we work with 10 artisans/manufacturers from Italy, and would like to show the Majolica two-fire or three-fire process through the different manufacturers.

Mark Stewart applies a trained artistic eye when choosing art for the gallery. From Ghiglieri Bronze Sculptures all the way to very contemporary abstract art, Mr. Stewart has carefully chosen each piece in the collection. We offer an extensive collection of art so if you don't find what you are looking for let us know, and we can probably get it.

Over the years we have found that simply designing a great home for our clients was not quite enough. We now offer a complete selection of beautiful, unique and investment quality fine art to our clients and to the public. We also have rededicated ourselves to the production and marketing of Sacred Sculptures of Adi Da Samraj.

There will be a historical series of 9 sculptures produced over the coming years that will highlight and focus on important moments in Adi Da's Sacred Life and Work. The first of these pieces can be seen on the Sacred Sculptures page.

Charles creates world class portraits, so let him take you through the wonderful experience of creating a masterpiece of your family you will enjoy for generations. Charles will work with you to come up with the perfect setting, mood and lighting.Using his expertise in enhancement and retouching, he will create the portrait you've always imagined. Capture the memory of your family now before it fades. Contact Charles today.

When working in-studio, Charles has winnowed through many approaches and has settled on the two most compelling and elegant portrait designs: the Classical Azure and High Fashion White. The Classical Azure allows for a range of formality to suit your own personal style. It's deep and rich tones focus attention on the faces. Note that the clothing is usually darker, to blend with the background. By varying the clothing and the posing we can thoroughly adjust the mood.